Advantages, Options, and Applications

Customization Options

At DSI, we understand that many of our customers require custom solutions for their applications. To ensure a solution is tailored to our customers’ unique needs, we offer full customization and modification services for our over 1000 standard product designs. These services allow our customers to take advantage of unprecedented freedom and customizability when it comes to their projects.

Our expert team works closely with clients to design and manufacture components—including cast products—that stand the test of time without sacrificing quality or precision. We have extensive design, manufacturing, and testing capabilities that allow us to conceptualize new products, produce them, and test them to ensure safety.

Applications for Cast Products

Cast products see use in a number of applications. As we have developed (and now employ) the technology necessary for castings suitable for high voltage systems, many of our clients seek us out for this specific purpose. Beyond cast components for cable systems, we also regularly produce:

  • Insulators for interconnects and cables to help prevent weathering and offer insulation
  • Potting for transformers, circuit elements, and PCBs to cut down on vibration and prevent damage
  • Tube shields such as those used in vacuum tubes, gyrotrons, and magnetrons to improve performance and reduce noise and leakage
  • Transformer coils to offer enhanced strength and protection

To learn more about our cast products, contact us today. If you want to partner with us on your next project, request a quote from one of our experts.