X-Ray Cables and Assemblies

Specialized X-ray machinery and technology calls for the use of wire and cable products. Because systems must be able to transport ever-accelerating voltages, they need high-quality wires and cables that can stand up to the job. The X-ray process presents a variety of unique requirements—like diffraction at 50KVDC—that may only be met thanks to these cables.

Our X-ray cable assemblies see frequent use in a handful of industries, including the industrial, security, medical, and tube manufacturing sectors.

Military Cables and Assemblies

The military requires specialized products to be utilized in tandem with:

  • Advanced weaponry
  • Communications systems
  • Radars
  • Rail guns
  • Sonars

For almost 40 years, DSI has been a proud partner of the military and enjoys a positive reputation amongst our military clients. We supply high-voltage and other exacting systems to the military for use in deployment around the world. We generate and maintain SBO plans, are considered a large business under FAR, and have our own Cage Code No.—50509.

Commercial and Industrial Cables and Assemblies

There are virtually limitless applications for high-voltage technology in industrial applications. In most cases, these applications are specific to their individual sector. Rated voltage may run as high as a megavolt in scenarios like these.

Our cable sets help industrial experts accelerate voltages (as in ion or electron beam applications) in high-power electron beam welding applications. DSI cables are also utilized in down-hole ion generation, lithography, microamp ion beam mask repair systems, and more.

High Energy Physics Cables and Assemblies

High-energy physics work necessitates the use of high-quality cable products. We offer products like klystron feed cables and neutral ion beam injection cables for a wealth of purposes. DSI cabling systems are an integral component of laboratories worldwide. Even the most well known labs turn to us when they require cables that allow them to work under exacting specifications and conditions.

Partnering With Dielectric Sciences, Inc.

At DSI, we place impeccable product quality and excellent customer service at the forefront of our mission. Every step we take is in the pursuit of reliable products and satisfied customers.

If you’d like to learn more about our wire and cable products for applications in the industrial, defense, medical, or other sectors, visit our catalog or contact us today!