Neutron Detectors

Our neutron detectors are designed and manufactured by the Brookvine division of Essex X-Ray, our sister company and another member of HVT Group. These units are fiber optically coupled scintillating neutron detectors that convert neutrons to flashes of light. By using these devices, scientists can examine the atomic structure of different materials that are too difficult to investigate otherwise.

Our neutron detecting equipment finds application in a number of laboratories and testing facilities. For example, the Rutherford Appleton Research Laboratories use our neutron detectors during their daily operations in ISIS and NIMROD.


In addition to observing or detecting neutrons, neutron absorbing equipment must also protect or insulate itself from neutron damage. Our solution to this problem is ZHIP.

ZHIP—i.e., Zero Hydrogen in Product—Mix is a composite made from boron carbide and a non-hydrogenous binder. Applying this mix to the interior of neutron scattering equipment allows for the absorption of scattered material to protect the environment outside the protected space.

Formerly, many scientists used crispy mix as insulative material. However, our new material has better protective and insulative characteristics, less outgassing and lower pump-down time due to its open matrix structure, and lower albedo yields due to the elimination of hydrogen.

Facilities can purchase ZHIP Mix in pre-molded forms, including panels, tubes, and custom shapes. The panels are either self-supporting or available with aluminum backing sheets for additional structural integrity.

Advantages, Options, and Applications

Laboratories and facilities that perform atomic-level research need to take precautions to protect their work environments, equipment, and employees. Our neutron absorbing products enable them to safely detect neutrons without allowing the particles to penetrate the area outside of the detection equipment.

Beyond these product offerings, our team can also communicate with scientists and laboratory managers to resolve developing issues or to answer complex inquiries about our equipment. Our comprehensive knowledge of interconnect systems and close association with the high-energy physics industry, allow us to develop unique and innovative solutions to a variety of investigatory and testing problems and answer questions about specific applications, best practices, and troubleshooting during initial setup.

For more information on our neutron scattering products, visit our neutron absorbing catalog page.