X-Ray Cables & Assemblies

Our cables feature improved insulation integrity and increased corona inception voltage. They are designed and manufactured to handle accelerating voltages for X-ray applications ranging from 50KVDC diffraction rates to 1.3 MV requirements for flash X-ray photography setups.

The cables and assemblies we provide are available with federal standard, mini, pancake, or rubber plugs. They are suitable for use in the industrial/commercial, medical, security, and tube manufacturing industries.

Military Cables & Assemblies

For over 40 years, we have been a trusted military partner due to our renown as a top supplier of high-quality high voltage and other demanding systems. We build our cables and assemblies to meet exacting MIL-specs for communications systems, radars, rail guns, sonar systems, and advanced weaponry, providing the highest level of safety and performance when it counts the most.

Although we enjoy classification as a large business under the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), we continue to update and execute small-business owner (SBO) plans. We operate using Cage Code No. 50509.

Commercial/Industrial Cables & Assemblies

In the industrial and commercial sectors, the uses for high voltage interconnect systems are virtually endless. Our cables and assemblies feature rated voltages ranging from tens of kilovolts to a megavolt, meeting the requirements of accelerating voltages for electron or ion beam applications. These products commonly find application in down-hole ion generation, high-power electron beam welding, lithography, and highly stable micro-amp ion beam mask repair systems.

High Energy Physics Cables & Assemblies

For high energy physics applications, we provide a wide range of cables and assemblies. Our cables systems find use in equipment such as Tokamak reactors, pulsed beam line magnet supply systems, and linacs.

Advantages, Options, and Applications

Since 1970, DSI has been a full-service provider of high voltage interconnect systems. Our team combines experience with an understanding of solid engineering concepts to provide solutions to the specific high voltage cable, connector, and assembly challenges faced by our clients.

We offer a full range of services to produce custom solutions tailored to our customer’s application, including:

  • Design
  • Manufacture
  • Testing

Although we offer over 1000 standard designs, we provide full customization and modification options to ensure you get a solution that meets your exact needs. To learn more about our high voltage interconnect system solutions, visit our catalog or contact us today.